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HEY PEEPS! Welcome to the tutorials drawing page. Here you can check out the picture shown top left, grab some pen and paper and have a go at doing your own version of that drawing. Just follow along with the instructions and replicate what you see - and have fun! In no time you'll be poppin' some cool perspectives.

You just need a few things to get started:

  • some white A4 or A3 size plain paper - layout or marker pad paper is ideal and is available from your art shop or stationers
  • a HB pencil
  • black thick and fine tipped pen from Pentel, Staedler Mars or any of those brands
  • 300mm (12 inch) clear plastic ruler - longer if you can get one
    or a clear plastic triangle (also known as a set square)
  • some masking tape
  • a table
  • and a nice cup of coffee or your favourite drink!

Start by taping down your A4 size paper on the table. Next draw the horizon line roughly where Iv'e shown it, toward the top of the page. Then, mark a dot for the vanishing point (v.p.) then measure out the box as shown.

no2 Where you see 'V.P' draw straight lines and connect them to the three corners of the box as shown. After that, draw a vertical line, A-B roughly where Iv'e positioned my line. easy2
no3 Starting at the corner of 'A' draw a horizontal line from right to left and stop when you reach the diagonal line you just drew from the v.p. Next, from that point draw a line downwards and then accross the bottom to complete the rear face of the box. Next, put your ruler on the v.p. and line it up with the far left corner and draw a diagonal line. Finally, draw the side of the chair (shown as heavy lines). easy3

To create that sense of depth to the chair, draw a line parallel to seat back but connect it to the rear face of the box. See Step 3 for the rear face. Do the same for the seat. Draw a line at the front to give the seat abit of thickness. Finally, draw a cross on the base of the box as shown. This will form the legs for the swivel base.


Now add some shape to the seat itself. radius the corners, add some curves, Funk it up nice!

Then add some shape to the legs. Just copy what Iv'e drawn and don't forget to trim the legs back abit. Finally, draw three vertical lines upwards at the center and under the seat - this is the swivel post for the chair.


Looking nice! Add further detail to the chair. Use your fine and broad tipped pens to add weight and shadow to the edges. Then block out a nice heavy black area under the seat to indicate shadow. How nice is that.



And here's the finished chair with a little shading with a grey pantone marker pen.

Feel free to splash a little colour on your very first project! Red, blue, purple, bright yellow - what ever you like. The important thing is to have fun with it!


finished _easy




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