Comfy Sofa

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HEY PEEPS! Welcome to the tutorials drawing page. Here you can check out the picture shown top left, grab some pen and paper and have a go at doing your own version of that drawing. Just follow along with the instructions and replicate what you see - and have fun! In no time you'll be poppin' some cool perspectives.

You just need a few things to get started:

  • some white A4 or A3 size plain paper - layout or marker pad paper is ideal and is available from your art shop or stationers
  • a HB pencil
  • black thick and fine tipped pen from Pentel, Staedler Mars or any of those brands
  • 300mm (12 inch) clear plastic ruler - longer if you can get one
    or a clear plastic triangle (also known as a set square)
  • some masking tape
  • a table
  • and a nice cup of coffee or your favourite drink!

Start by taping down your A4 size paper on the table. Next draw the horizon line roughly where Iv'e shown it, toward the top of the page. Then mark 2 dots, A-B using the measurements shown. Next measure out the shape C,D,E & F and draw the shape. This is the back of the sofa.

no2 Follow by drawing a similar shape in front of the first shape using the measurements shown on the diagram. Connect up the points and draw in the shape as shown. sofa_2
no3 Finally connect both the front and rear shapes with lines marked 'x' By drawing these lines you will automatically establish vanishing lines off to the right, which will help you construct the rest of the sofa. Just try to visualize the lines meeting to a single point the horizon line as drawn in step 1 and angle these lines accordingly. sofa_3

Once you've drawn the shape, draw a smaller rectangular box (shown shaded top and bottom) roughly to the size and proportion I've shown on the diagram. This will form the extended corner section of the sofa.


Now lets draw the ends to form the backrest to the sofa (shown shaded). Again, just copy what I've shown to the proportions shown. Beef up the outline by going over the outer edge with a heavy pencil line. Yep, its starting to take shape!


Now start changing thoses shaded areas in step 5 by curving the outlines as shown to get that nice rounded seat as well as adding lines to form the seat itself.

Next lets draw the front pouffe. Using vanishing lines to V.P. points 1 & 2, draw a square shape direct on the floor (shown shaded).


Now this is the bit. We need to connect the pouffe to the extended seat section drawn in steps 4 and 5. Draw vertical lines upwards from the corners of the square. Then using vanishing points 1&2 draw perspective lines back toward the vertical lines. Where they cross will form the top of the pouffe which is in line with the extended sofa section.

no8 Now that all the basic shapes are there for the comfy sofa, all thats left is to add a little shape and finesse to it. Take your pencil and add curves here and there, add feet and a nice wood grained timber side panel. oh yeah, don't forget to add the cushions - you want it to be comfy right?! sofa_8
no9 Finally, after fixing yourself another nice coffee (!) get out your black fine and thick markers and work up the drawing real nice by adding thick lines and shadows as I've shown sofa_9
no10 Well done, you've just drawn that sofa! you can get creative and add colour to it too. I will be adding a coloured version of this pretty soon. finished_sofa


What do you think? Are you finding these tutes helpful? Feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you think. And if you have any particular areas you'd like help on, then again just drop me a line.




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